The ability of the flesh


Our physical body has been created by God for His service, but we usually find that we need it to service our personal needs. This is called self-worship which is idolatry and a really sinful way to live. The problem is that the majority of us never wake up to this fact and the rest wake up to it very late, yet it is better to wake up eventually!
The Bible tells us the flesh doesn’t profit anything which means that any word, action or emotion that is supposed to manifest is solely for the purpose of God and His will for our lives. Until we despise our flesh, it is impossible for God to have full control over our spirit, soul and flesh and If God is not in control through HolyGhost, then we are in for an extremely tough life. People struggle to despise the flesh because it has a powerful ability to do good as well as bad. Below are some examples:
Kind Words
Loving people
There are much more examples, but I hope you understand the point I am making and if we aren’t careful we can get into the trap of doing God’s work rather than Him sending us to His work. The flesh looks for ways to be exalted, and there is no better way to fool us by doing God’s work in the flesh. What is wrong with God’s will in the flesh?
You are doing it in your own strength
You are doing it without the Word of God
You are doing it out of rebellion
The point about rebellion is serious, and this is where Satan really has victory over us. He is that strategic in removing God’s will that he will not even use himself but instead our very own flesh. Are you ready to despise your flesh? If not here are some of the bad fruits our flesh produces:
Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lust, idolatry, witchcraft, hate, variance, wrath, strife, heresies, envy, murder, jealousy…..
In the words of Paul, “Except you be circumcised (surrender the flesh), Christ shall profit you nothing”. (Galatians 5)
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