What is God’s Will


Many people ask me what God’s will is and they find themselves confused about what God wants for them in their lives. We need to break it down to the basics and go to scripture and apply what Jesus wants us to be. If you want to understand God’s will please read the words of Jesus and below in three points I identify what He desires from us:
Become God’s children
Become Disciples
Become Disciple Makers
It is easy to limit the three points to Church or Christian activities, and that certainly wouldn’t be God’s will for your life because God’s will is centred in His Kingdom. Whatever you are meant to do in your life whether career, student, family or ministry you are called to be His child, disciple and disciple-maker and this should never change. Within this, we have a unique identity which propels us to into having a vision and purpose for our lives which are fruits of the three points mentioned.
The next three points highlight how you can tell if you are in God’s will:
Living in the Supernatural
Living for God and His purpose
Living in obedience to His Word
These points are difficult to execute on a regular basis, but they are the benchmarks for God’s will in your life.
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Jesus commands His Disciples



Jesus spoke extensively to the disciples in private because He wanted to instruct them about how they need to live successful lives after His death and resurrection. Jesus knew it was going to be tough for them and for anyone else who took the mantle of being a disciple of Christ on. Therefore He provided His commandments and HolyGhost to help. Jesus’s commands varied but they were very specific as to how disciples need to lead successful lives; below I categorise His commandments and what He wanted us to learn:

What God expects from us – The calling
What we should expect from this life – The vision
What has been given to us by God – The purpose
The dangers of people – Wisdom
The end times – Discernment
The authority we carry – Knowledge

Jesus was very purposeful and wanted us to be equipped with the above as that is how we are meant to live our daily lives but many struggle with the commands of Jesus because He approaches them from a critical angle. Many Christians today despise criticism and promote positivity, but if we look at criticism the right way, we can draw a conclusion that it is for a positive purpose. Jesus is not condemning His disciples by commanding them with instructions but He ls trying to protect us from the hands of the enemy. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and Jesus knows that better than anyone so He laid down firm foundations for us to grasp and live by.

Living by these commandments can be taxing especially when life gets tough, but that is precisely why He gave us His HolyGhost. The scriptures say that HolyGhost will comfort us by reminding us of the teachings of Jesus, and it is these very commandments written over 2000 years ago that we need to be reminded of every day. How desperate are you for God’s Spirit to be in your life? How desperate are you to be reminded by God’s Spirit about Jesus’s commandments? Today people love the feel good factor of HolyGhost and attend meetings for emotional comfort and months later there is no change in their circumstances.

The greatest counsellor is HolyGhost, and He is ready willing and able to teach you about Jesus and help you be a light to this world and salt to this earth. He is willing to remind you of your authority and the dangers of the people that surround you. If you want to be a genuine disciple of Jesus, then you will love His commandments and will love to be obedient to Him concerning them. If you find yourself struggling with this, then you must recognise you need God’s Spirit in your lives.

This is what Paul means when He said, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The strength to follow His commands, not to go to work, school or if you are having a bad day. I despise those Facebook memes that are thrown about. Of course, Christ wants to strengthen us for life but it is rooted in His commands, and if you aren’t following them then there is no chance you will be fully strengthened for anything else in life.

Love His commands, Love being obedient – Then you are a disciple of Jesus

Disciples do the will of the Father


God’s will is much spoken about as it should be and plenty of us including those who feature in God’s Word have managed to make a mess of it at some point in time. Disobedience seems to be the root of not allowing God to fulfil His will or purpose in our lives, but we are incredibly thankful to God for His grace and mercy because as we regularly divert from His route, He has already found a way back to His plan and purpose. Many never get back to the road because they find the path too difficult or they struggle with obedience, then there are others who God carves a new course out for which is an amazing example of God’s tender love for His creation. So why do so many live unfulfilled lives?

The simple answer is that believers tend to see God as a genie or a grandfather in the sky. That’s why the atheists are busy laughing and calling God a fairy but if we were busy seeing God for who He is (No man has ever seen Him) then there is a chance that we will see the genuine fulfilment of His will on earth. Below I look at what believers do:

Expect monthly handouts – Like the UN World Food Programme
Expecting instant miracles – Like Maggi Noodles
Expecting blessings to land on their laps – Like babies needing their daily feed

God can do any of the above but they are extremely rare, and they aren’t ever part of a daily lifestyle that we should be living in Christ because I never saw the disciples live like it. Below I look at what disciples do:

They hear God – Relationship
They are obedient to God – Purpose and Desire
They are guided by His Word – He becomes a light to our feet
They overcome expected challenges on the road marked out – Understand spiritual warfare

This is how you can do the will of the Father, and if you want that tight, family-like relationship with God, then you must live like this all the time. Jesus told us in His Word that whoever does the will of The Father is a family member to Him. Your path isn’t meant to be easy, and there rarely is a free ride but if you want to expect then expect the impossible God’s way. God won’t move outside His Word so if you’re expectation isn’t found in His Word then you will never be able to see His will let alone fulfil it.

The blind lead the blind, and it is now time to open your eyes.

Disciples teach the ways of Jesus


True disciples of Christ hold onto Matthew Chapter 28 because it is this very chapter that gives the mandate, authority and release from Heaven to serve and truly follow Jesus. The entire purpose of the disciple is defined in the last few verses where Jesus showed that He was risen from the dead, and as the disciples worshipped Him, He released the following:

Teach Nations
The way of the Father
The way of the Son
The way of the Spirit
The commands of Jesus

This would have been incredibly daunting for The Disciples, and Jesus knew that hence why He added in the final sentence to them that they should not worry, He will always be with them. That is an explicit promise to disciples that even in times of trouble He will be with them and here is the scripture challenge. Jesus never leaves and forsakes us, but when followers move away from God’s will, they abandon Christ. When Disciples move away from God’s Will, they stay close to him because they know the cost of His love, mercy and grace.

In a world full of false teachings, misunderstandings and misinterpretation the way of the disciple has been lost, watered down and mocked. I have heard certain preachers call the disciples idiots for some of the mistakes they made. One called Peter an idiot and another laughed at Thomas for doubting. I am sure the very same people feel that such beliefs help justify them the message they preach. The 12 Apostles will judge the 12 tribes of Israel at the end of time. Shudder before you speak against such believers!

In whichever capacity you feel released by Jesus, please remember the mandate and the rules that He has set you as a disciple and teaching people doesn’t mean preaching at them or standing up and speaking publicly. Do life with people, show them Jesus every day and use that relationship you have built up to teach them about, The Father, The Son, The HolyGhost and the commands of Jesus. If you feel a little lost do what the disciples did; Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

In the words of John, little children do not believe every spirit.

Disciples understand God’s will

Gods will

To you (disciples) are the mysteries of the kingdom to given according to Jesus in His Word, and this means to understand God’s purpose and vision on earth. God’s will is such an exciting and vast subject but understanding it doesn’t take much brainpower but instead it takes, courage, listening and obedience. Followers tend to apply their own understanding to the Kingdom of God alongside providing counsel to God on how He should execute His grand plans. This leads to a life of dissatisfaction and missing God’s will in your life. Disciples may miss a few things down to learning and human error, but they always get opportunities again because they receive the mysteries of God’s Kingdom. Below I look at what happens to followers when it comes to God’s will.

You Know – Realisation, revelation happens after the event. Hindsight is the greatest prophet but finding out God’s will after the season expires is an awful experience to go through. Many Christians suffer and question God when this happens because they are in pursuit of His goodness but understanding that His goodness is found in mysteries which makes the walk extremely challenging but not impossible. Walking with Christ moment by moment will help change the way you see God and His will. Try not to counsel God in your relationship with Him because you will hit a brick wall.

You Want – The old season benefits cannot be taken into a new season, and that is something many of you will struggle with. What God promised for yesterday won’t always be available for today and tomorrow, and that can have deadly consequences on peoples lives. God’s grace can be found in Him raising up new things, but the desire for the old must die. You may want to make it right, but sometimes it’s too late and as long as repentance is involved God can still work with you. Do not counsel God in this area or you will miss the new thing He has for you.

You Cant Have – Understand that when God has made His mind up, there is no chance for you to change it. Sometimes you need to accept you can’t have what was promised because of disobedience, lack of respect and lack of understanding. Stop fighting with yourself and God because you will break yourself down in many ways and before you realise it, you will miss the grace of the next season. Bitterness, jealousy and wrath are three things which will be birthed within you if you do not deal with what has happened in your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace and joy in the HolyGhost.

Disciples make peace with their mistakes and press into God for more understanding so they can be available for the next opportunities while followers never try to understand God, instead groan about expired blessings.