Disciples stay in the boat with Jesus



Luke Chapter 8 describes a unique event between Jesus and His disciples and the scene was set with Jesus to wanting to travel to another side of a lake. As Jesus decided to sleep in the boat, the storms and waters decided to become volatile, and this left the disciples extremely nervous and in fear for all their lives. Jesus woke up, calmed the storms and then proceeded to criticise the disciples concerning the lack of faith that they possessed.

Many scriptures are very blunt about the negative actions of people, but if you read in the spirit, the scriptures also show how many people overcame trying circumstances. Too often people read the words but never look at the result and how that result came about. The brilliance of this boat situation despite the lack of faith of the disciples was the fact they were present with Jesus. This for me is a perfect example of God’s Kingdom and the fact that, as His disciples, we need to be in this boat. Even though we aren’t perfect the willingness to stay in the boat with Jesus is imperative.

Many believers never get into the boat, and they miss out on the storms, waves and blessings of God. I want to see Jesus rebuke winds and waters rather than observe it in other people’s lives, and I want to reach the other side of the lake, experiencing the goodness and mercy of God on a day to day basis. Are you willing to miss out on inheriting God’s kingdom because you aren’t prepared to weather the storm with Jesus?

Interestingly the challenge Jesus gave the disciples was to help them understand that with faith they too could have controlled the seas and the weather rather than wait on God because Jesus empowered His disciples with authority. God’s kingdom is very violent, and the violent take it by force which means if we want to be disciples we need to be extremely forceful in spirit to live victorious lives. Get in the boat and stay in it because that is exactly where Jesus is.

Next time someone tells you to get out the boat make sure it is to walk on water!!