The ability of the spirit


My last post focussed on the ability of the flesh and this post explains about the ability of the spirit. God breathed life into Adam we read in Genesis, and His breath gave life to his mortal body which was formed out of mud and clay. We are now aware that humans possess the life of God within us which is our spirit.
Through sin, the spirit of Adam died, and we also became dead in Adam, but through Jesus and His obedience by dying and being raised up our spirits are made alive again. So what is the ability of our spirit?
Life – We can live for God, the way He intended us too. His breath, His desire!
Communicate with God – The spirit is the inner part of the human and that is where communion/relationship happens with God. When we are dead, we cannot hear, understand or speak to God.
Control the Soul and Flesh – Through sin the flesh reigns over the soul which slowly kills off our spirit but in Christ, the spirit has every opportunity to govern the soul and flesh. If the spirit is control of both, then we will live out the will of God and execute to perfection.
Can you now see why dealing with the flesh is vital for successful living in God? There are two parts to salvation:
Firstly, the dealing of our sin – Our souls set free
Secondly, the dealing of our flesh – We died in Him
God raised up Jesus, and we are raised up with Him so by allowing your flesh to rule you make a mockery of His pain and glory.
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The ability of the flesh


Our physical body has been created by God for His service, but we usually find that we need it to service our personal needs. This is called self-worship which is idolatry and a really sinful way to live. The problem is that the majority of us never wake up to this fact and the rest wake up to it very late, yet it is better to wake up eventually!
The Bible tells us the flesh doesn’t profit anything which means that any word, action or emotion that is supposed to manifest is solely for the purpose of God and His will for our lives. Until we despise our flesh, it is impossible for God to have full control over our spirit, soul and flesh and If God is not in control through HolyGhost, then we are in for an extremely tough life. People struggle to despise the flesh because it has a powerful ability to do good as well as bad. Below are some examples:
Kind Words
Loving people
There are much more examples, but I hope you understand the point I am making and if we aren’t careful we can get into the trap of doing God’s work rather than Him sending us to His work. The flesh looks for ways to be exalted, and there is no better way to fool us by doing God’s work in the flesh. What is wrong with God’s will in the flesh?
You are doing it in your own strength
You are doing it without the Word of God
You are doing it out of rebellion
The point about rebellion is serious, and this is where Satan really has victory over us. He is that strategic in removing God’s will that he will not even use himself but instead our very own flesh. Are you ready to despise your flesh? If not here are some of the bad fruits our flesh produces:
Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lust, idolatry, witchcraft, hate, variance, wrath, strife, heresies, envy, murder, jealousy…..
In the words of Paul, “Except you be circumcised (surrender the flesh), Christ shall profit you nothing”. (Galatians 5)
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Why does God’s Will never happen


God’s will can fail for our lives, and that is nothing to do with His sovereign and all-powerful nature. His will depends on many factors, and this can be a depressing read for many as there is an expectancy that God moves like the genie from Aladdin!
God is not a genie, and we see the way He moves in His Word which is the biggest and most important demonstration of how He wants His will  to be accomplished, so why do we find ourselves running away from His will?
We do not understand His Word
We lack obedience
We lose hope
Other satanic strongholds work against us as well, but they are usually easier to deal with in comparison to rebellion which is deep rooted and often covered deep in our hearts. We often want to blame Satan for stealing our blessings, but he can only steal when we operate under his principle of rebellion, for there he is the king and Victor.
The solution is simple, and the method is painful because it takes a daily working out of your salvation to accomplish God’s Will. What does this mean? Implementing faith that the flesh is dead on the cross and is no more alive.
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How do we execute Gods Will


It’s one task finding out God’s will for your life but it is entirely another matter executing it successfully. Many hear God’s word and will for their lives, but they never end up fulfilling the desire God had for them which does leave a feeling of disappointment and failure.
On the other hand, people try to blame God by:
Questioning Him
Demanding Him for answers
Be very careful if you ever get to this stage because it isn’t God’s fault and He hasn’t let you down. Here are some reasons why we have problems executing God’s will for our lives:
Human Wisdom
Lack of knowledge
What this means is that humans have a tendency to handle supernatural revelation with fleshly methods which bring the entire circumstance to nought. The flesh always rages against God’s thoughts and plans because of the pride it has accumulated over the years and needs to be reminded of its place which is dead on the cross by the work of Jesus Christ.
So how do we execute the will of God for our lives?
Never stop seeking God
Asking Him to direct every step you take
Stay aligned with the spiritual realm (Things can always change)
You need to make sure you trust God through the entire process because you aren’t running a sprint race but a marathon. You need God for every decision in your life. He directs you, not the other way round.
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Broken Leaders – Exposing the Church of the World (Cont)


It is important for me to explain what the Church in the world is doing today and what you need to be looking out for. As these blogs start to uncover hidden, silenced mysteries you will gain understanding about yourself as a leader and perhaps you will work out if you are broken, or have been treated in such a way that has broken your hope in Church and Jesus. The two areas that cause today’s church to move and live within tradition rather than within the kingdom are compromise and false worship. Jesus was adamant that He wanted His followers to worship Him in Spirit and Truth, and He also insisted that faith in God should never be compromised. Below I explore the issue of compromise and worship.

Compromise – You may not think compromise is an issue but in fact, it is a subtle spiritual problem that all Christians go through. Jesus spoke about denying Him, and we would be foolish to limit His statements about denying He exists. Jesus was very clear when talking about compromise because He was talking directly about His commands and His expectation of His creation to keep them. Broken leaders are made to compromise their stance in Christ by the Church in the world today for the sake of tradition and not upsetting leadership. Today the Church is concerned about keeping the church full as numbers show a healthy sign of growth. I have noticed an unhealthy aggressive attitude and pursuit in keeping numbers high in Church, and this can only be achieved by asking congregations to compromise. Below I list the compromises that could potentially take place:

God’s unique calling on your life – Church life becomes consuming because overseers can’t see God’s will in your life

Prophetical Insight – You are told insight is only for specific leaders

Worship as a lifestyle – You must worship as the Church does, or it is not Biblical

Limiting leadership ability to Church positions – Severely defined positions without scope for growth

Career prospects outside the Church – You are told that things in the world are not important

False Worship – Jesus has called His followers to worship Him in Spirit and Truth and what that means is every decision we make must be led by God and done with the Truth of His Word at the front of your mind. This type of worship is a lifestyle and is unique to each and cannot be dictated by man and church infrastructures or tradition. Each unique person in Christ will Worship God according to the Truth of His Spirit in the way God has shown them; This of course must line up with God’s Word. Today Church causes followers of Christ to Worship God without the Spirit and with a compromised truth. Choirs, worship leaders often are dictated by a tradition of Church rather than the Spirit of God. Some may say they are led, and I believe that but God works with what you give Him. In that respect, He never imposes His authority because He requires full submission to His will to do that.

This causes followers of Christ to fall into sin and never completely execute the will of God over their lives which are a regular occurrence with many Christians. This breaks leaders.

Broken leaders end up leaving the faith and often become disillusioned with God and His ways, and the responsibility falls firmly at the feet of established leaders because we are products of our environment!

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