How do we execute Gods Will


It’s one task finding out God’s will for your life but it is entirely another matter executing it successfully. Many hear God’s word and will for their lives, but they never end up fulfilling the desire God had for them which does leave a feeling of disappointment and failure.
On the other hand, people try to blame God by:
Questioning Him
Demanding Him for answers
Be very careful if you ever get to this stage because it isn’t God’s fault and He hasn’t let you down. Here are some reasons why we have problems executing God’s will for our lives:
Human Wisdom
Lack of knowledge
What this means is that humans have a tendency to handle supernatural revelation with fleshly methods which bring the entire circumstance to nought. The flesh always rages against God’s thoughts and plans because of the pride it has accumulated over the years and needs to be reminded of its place which is dead on the cross by the work of Jesus Christ.
So how do we execute the will of God for our lives?
Never stop seeking God
Asking Him to direct every step you take
Stay aligned with the spiritual realm (Things can always change)
You need to make sure you trust God through the entire process because you aren’t running a sprint race but a marathon. You need God for every decision in your life. He directs you, not the other way round.
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How do we find out God’s Will


Finding God’s will takes a unique individual effort by having a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus. It is through Jesus and His Kingdom we can find our unique purpose in Him and for His glory and while this seems a simple solution it does take a lot of hard work which can be extremely painful. The reasons it can be painful are:
Lack of knowledge
Wrong influences
Once you deal with the above you are ready to get into a place to hear, receive and start finding out what God’s will for your life is. Always remember that it will be about Him and that doesn’t mean being a worship leader or an usher but an actual lifestyle in God. Below are three keys to finding out what God’s will is:
Worship God
Read His Word
Find out your identity
Many believers think that they should choose their path, and God will bless it, but this goes against everything the scripture teaches us. Proverbs instructs that God will direct our paths if we acknowledge Him. How can we acknowledge God?
Putting Him first in everything
Praising Him through the rough and smooth
Obedience in everything He requires
The Bible says, seek, and you will find, and that’s all God desires from His creation. A generation of seekers!
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Broken Leaders – Exposing the Church of the World




Periods of silence are needed when it comes to God’s Church, but there comes the point in time where silence starts to make you compromise everything God has designed you to be. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about how the Church we see today relies on tradition and through this tradition it causes leaders to become broken, depleted and ultimately feeling worthless as Christians.
Why am I doing this?
I realise that some of the things I talk about may seem like it damages the Church but in reality, what it will do is expose how the Church has moved away from God’s Kingdom. I am doing this to help set things in order again with the hope that things could be a little better for you and I (regarding faith) for His blessed return in accordance to Titus 2.
Is every Church bad?
Of course not! The issue is the spirit in which today’s church operates in and the fruits of their labour. God loves His Church, but when the Church is moving out of the things of His Spirit, there is always a consequence as we read within the first few chapters of Revelation. I suggest you get well acquainted with them. As such we also read from the Epistles what problems and solutions the Church had and will need; even more so in trying times. These blogs are only applicable to those that want genuine change.
What about the broken leaders?
I am here to help. Through these blogs feel free to interact with me or if you want to remain silent just take the tips I give you and spend time with God and get your healing. Church doesn’t always = Jesus, and I want to make sure you put your relationship with Jesus first and foremost. Just because you are broken, it doesn’t mean you cannot be repaired and rebuild your life. Trust me; many are the afflictions of the righteous.
You may not like my heart, or understand it, and that is fine, but take what is written to the Lord and let Him enlighten you on this journey. It’s time to wake up and see the devices of the enemy through Church life.
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