Apostleship ii – Personal lifestyle


Friendships were imperative to Jesus as He demonstrated during His time on earth and the life of a leader demands healthy relationships to surrounding you. What I learned very quickly was that leaning on people in times of trouble became an important part of my life but at times I did become too reliant on individuals. This over-reliance caused unhealthy attachments from both sides, and before I knew it, God was separating me for a time to walk alone. Loneliness is the mark of a man of God, he who walks in big circles cannot hear God.

Sacrifice and obedience towards God needed to happen every day of my life, and as I became better at it, I started to see my personal life develop in a much more positive manner. Healthy relationships and greater opportunities began to present themselves to me which then allowed me to walk in freedom and also teach people around me to walk in freedom.

Then some friendships suck God’s anointing, gifting, talent out of you and initially it may seem innocent but emotions can be incredibly deceiving. I wanted to use scripture for my own reasoning, and I felt that loving people needed me to keep people who refused to change around me until I realised that cutting unhealthy people off saved their life as well as mine. It seems harsh when I say it, but I have seen good fruits produced from this decision and we are not always called to walk together.

I’m a man who knows many people, but very few have an influence in my life, and that is a protective measure used by God to bless me and His work. Ultimately I have had to ask God, what His best will is for my life and how will I be able to execute His will on earth. I will continue to learn as the months and years go on. Today I hold onto Jesus, my personal time with Him has become much more valuable, and I can only ask that you feel the same.

Walk God’s unique way.

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