The Gospels – My time in leadership


My leadership career began immediately after my salvation as I began to pastor and lead my extended family in the things of God while experiencing the supernatural on a regular basis. My first encounter was a dream about my first pastor. The dream was not simple, and the meaning of it was hidden from me for around one year. I went and told my pastor the dream and from that day onwards he publicly humiliated me on a continuous basis until I became withdrawn about my relationship with God. He was later removed from leadership for having an affair with the worship leader! I guess you know the dream I had now!

My next church allowed me to sit back and relax in rather than lead, and it was a great relief since I was in the last year of my degree. However the pastor and his wife disliked me and for no reason whatsoever…well so I thought! They were in love with my family but totally resistant to me. You know things are bad when the pastor and his wife phone your parents and spend time trying to tell them not to help their son in his business ventures; “Your son is using you”. Amit, welcome to leadership!

Let’s fast forward a little…in recent times, I was given the privilege of overseeing 50 churches in Africa, and I led over 200 leaders in a discipleship programme across Africa and the UK. Leadership isn’t all glitter, in fact, it rarely has been for me, and I can relate to some degree how the Apostles were treated by other leaders and elders yet there has been something satisfying about leading for God. I have managed to carve my path in Him and make room for others to become leaders. Good leaders breed followers, and great leaders create better leaders. Wonder what category I will fall into over time?

It isn’t all doom and gloom because I love leadership, and I thank God for the few great examples God has given me. To be honest, I have had very few good influences in my life biblically which has forced me to lean on God’s Word, which is primary for any Christian. I learned to relate to Jesus and His Apostles which has given me a firm foundation as a leader which in turn has allowed me to see the good side of leadership.

Leadership isn’t just about the church; it is about life. We are leaders in the home, amongst friends, in our careers, doing God’s work in whichever capacity chosen and of course church, etc. So never let anyone limit you as a leader and the way you operate in leadership because God never put any limitations on you. I suppose that is why I have created a leadership course; I wanted to break down barriers formed in the Christian tradition and get back to Biblical leadership!

Before you leave this website, take a look at as I have designed a course through all my learning experiences to help people become a great success despite trying circumstances. I feel it will benefit you!



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