Genesis – How my life began


35 years later and I need to remember how I grew up before I became a Christian without boring you with a long blog post! While I have made a joke out of it in my first sentence, it is important that you get to know a little bit about me, my convictions, what I believe and how I lead. Growing up before I knew Jesus was a life of luxury, comfort and pleasure combined with constant failure and disappointment. Below is a list of things that I had accomplished before 2002 which was the year I committed myself to Christianity:

Low grades through school
Low grades through college
Partying from the age of 14
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
Repeating university
Extreme laziness

You must be wondering if they genuinely are a list of accomplishments but believe me it takes hard effort to achieve that list! It wasn’t all bad, below is a list of some positive things:

Good family life
Comfortable financially
Worked in different jobs

As you can see there was more trouble than success and as I headed into adulthood things got worse and even though my parents had brought me up believing in gods (Hinduism) they or another force were never able to halt my progression into darkness. While I believed in the supernatural, I had no hope that God existed for me on a personal level. Science seemed right but then I failed that too! Once I had gone to a university which is a given in most Asian families, change erupted within my extended family. A family member visited my home in 20
01 and brought some friends with her. Life was never the same after that! My next post outlines a little bit more about how I changed.

Today I stand tall as an established entrepreneur and leader with the full force of God’s blessing behind me. Life never got easy, but I have someone to do it with now, a King, a Friend, a Saviour…His name is Jesus. Read more in my next post about the power of change in my life!

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