Disciples understand God’s will

Gods will

To you (disciples) are the mysteries of the kingdom to given according to Jesus in His Word, and this means to understand God’s purpose and vision on earth. God’s will is such an exciting and vast subject but understanding it doesn’t take much brainpower but instead it takes, courage, listening and obedience. Followers tend to apply their own understanding to the Kingdom of God alongside providing counsel to God on how He should execute His grand plans. This leads to a life of dissatisfaction and missing God’s will in your life. Disciples may miss a few things down to learning and human error, but they always get opportunities again because they receive the mysteries of God’s Kingdom. Below I look at what happens to followers when it comes to God’s will.

You Know – Realisation, revelation happens after the event. Hindsight is the greatest prophet but finding out God’s will after the season expires is an awful experience to go through. Many Christians suffer and question God when this happens because they are in pursuit of His goodness but understanding that His goodness is found in mysteries which makes the walk extremely challenging but not impossible. Walking with Christ moment by moment will help change the way you see God and His will. Try not to counsel God in your relationship with Him because you will hit a brick wall.

You Want – The old season benefits cannot be taken into a new season, and that is something many of you will struggle with. What God promised for yesterday won’t always be available for today and tomorrow, and that can have deadly consequences on peoples lives. God’s grace can be found in Him raising up new things, but the desire for the old must die. You may want to make it right, but sometimes it’s too late and as long as repentance is involved God can still work with you. Do not counsel God in this area or you will miss the new thing He has for you.

You Cant Have – Understand that when God has made His mind up, there is no chance for you to change it. Sometimes you need to accept you can’t have what was promised because of disobedience, lack of respect and lack of understanding. Stop fighting with yourself and God because you will break yourself down in many ways and before you realise it, you will miss the grace of the next season. Bitterness, jealousy and wrath are three things which will be birthed within you if you do not deal with what has happened in your life. The Kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace and joy in the HolyGhost.

Disciples make peace with their mistakes and press into God for more understanding so they can be available for the next opportunities while followers never try to understand God, instead groan about expired blessings.

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