The Epistles – What’s happening today


I have given a fair indication of how I have lived my life since converting to Christianity in the previous blogs, and it is only fair to describe what is happening in my life today. This scripture comes to mind:
(2 Corinthians 4:7-9)
We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;
This scripture is a description that Paul was writing about as he faced death in Asia while preaching the gospel and sometimes when we are moving in God’s plan it can feel very similar. In all honesty, it isn’t a real comparison but each person has their own grace and strength to cope, and I certainly haven’t had to live like the Christians in difficult areas of the world.
Success can be found in your career, ministry, family and friendships but try success is loving Jesus. I have realised that everything I have gained in this world is vanity and will perish one day, but one thing that will remain is the Love of God and in this season of my life that is what I am holding onto. God has pushed the restart button on my life, and I am looking forward to a new season, new blessing and new disciplines.
God is releasing me into a new identity
God is releasing me into a new domain
God is releasing me with a new authority
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Apostleship ii – Personal lifestyle


Friendships were imperative to Jesus as He demonstrated during His time on earth and the life of a leader demands healthy relationships to surrounding you. What I learned very quickly was that leaning on people in times of trouble became an important part of my life but at times I did become too reliant on individuals. This over-reliance caused unhealthy attachments from both sides, and before I knew it, God was separating me for a time to walk alone. Loneliness is the mark of a man of God, he who walks in big circles cannot hear God.

Sacrifice and obedience towards God needed to happen every day of my life, and as I became better at it, I started to see my personal life develop in a much more positive manner. Healthy relationships and greater opportunities began to present themselves to me which then allowed me to walk in freedom and also teach people around me to walk in freedom.

Then some friendships suck God’s anointing, gifting, talent out of you and initially it may seem innocent but emotions can be incredibly deceiving. I wanted to use scripture for my own reasoning, and I felt that loving people needed me to keep people who refused to change around me until I realised that cutting unhealthy people off saved their life as well as mine. It seems harsh when I say it, but I have seen good fruits produced from this decision and we are not always called to walk together.

I’m a man who knows many people, but very few have an influence in my life, and that is a protective measure used by God to bless me and His work. Ultimately I have had to ask God, what His best will is for my life and how will I be able to execute His will on earth. I will continue to learn as the months and years go on. Today I hold onto Jesus, my personal time with Him has become much more valuable, and I can only ask that you feel the same.

Walk God’s unique way.

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Apostleship i – Personal lifestyle


Christian lifestyle living is one of those things that require believers to demonstrate hard work in their faith and continual working out of personal salvation which means, looking deep into your heart, being honest with your issues and be willing to deal with them. This is exactly what God had asked of Paul when there was a personal struggle in His walk with Jesus and the same was for me. Walking in authority, boldness and performing miracles has always been something that came naturally to me since my conversion to Christ, but behind all that God has been doing a great work in my heart and lifestyle. No choice because pride comes before a fall.
If I were to name my greatest challenges regarding lifestyle, I would say they would fall under the HALT principle. I believe we should never get too hungry, angry, lonely and tired, with the latter two being real long term issues and that required me to take some action that would prevent me from falling into sin. While dealing with the heart was one area another has been living a certain way that would glorify God,  pleasing to Him and bring more holiness into my life and that did mean doing some strange things which friends and family struggled with initially. I would only eat certain foods (still true today), spend time fasting, keeping certain friendship circles, etc. While some of those decisions seemed strange, naturally they gave me firm foundations and promotion spiritually which enabled me to walk in a certain freedom in Christ. I am formed wonderfully, but keeping myself wonderful means obedience and sacrifice.
The path of leadership in Christianity is a narrow one, full of sacrifice and weakness and these are particular qualities needed to be successful. Ministry and career aren’t easy work, and it certainly isn’t meant to be glamorous therefore the indication in scripture is that hard work is the only way forward, and the beautiful thing about that is we don’t have to do it without Jesus. He has been the perfect example for us, and we can always go to Him in times of need. His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
People will never understand your struggles, your sin, your sacrifices and it is important to note that they aren’t meant to. It is something private between you and Jesus which needs to be kept holy because eventually the world will see the reasons for it. Enjoy working on the inside of you and let God deal with the external issues.
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Book of Job – My business struggles


I had desired to be a pastor for many years after I committed my life to Christ but the Lord Jesus would always lead me towards a career in business.  I resisted the call for business for many years because I have a real passion for bringing the knowledge of Christ to lost souls until one sunny day in Copenhagen, I heard the Lord speak to me about the ‘rich person’. “Who will go them?” A new vision was birthed at that moment.
I have titled this article based on the story of Job which is about loss, redemption and overflow, and this is precisely how I can describe my career in business. Through a lack of wisdom I have lost plenty of money; through demonic attacks I have lost plenty opportunities but in the midst of all crises God has remained faithful to His vision and the cause He has for The Kingdom.
God designed us to make decisions based on taking His counsel but human nature drives us to be the decision makers in our lives, and this is where I had fallen short for years. All of my business failures are down to one simple factor; I was making bad decisions compared to God ones. Through each wrong decision, I found redemption through Jesus’s blood, but there have always been consequences to those bad decisions. Just as Israel took a 40-year detour, I too have taken long detours, but grace is always bringing me back.
Through every setback, I have found opportunity and today I can stand confidently as an entrepreneur because of this. I learned an important key in this life, and that is that opportunities will never cease to find you as long as your eyes are open. I could have buried my head in the sand through every disappointment, but instead, I chose to keep my head lifted high, and that is exactly where I could see Jesus.
Something that plenty of Christians struggle with is money and the potential for God’s children to have lots of it brings fear upon even the most faithful believers. Money has a place in God’s Kingdom if used correctly and in His wisdom; anything else does boil down to greed and lust. It is totally fine to be successful on earth as long as God is behind your decisions, purpose and vision. My struggles are now my strengths, and as I press forward as an entrepreneur, I hope to continue moving ahead with God’s agenda and not my own.
Money is a good thing, just don’t lust after it.
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The Gospels – My time in leadership


My leadership career began immediately after my salvation as I began to pastor and lead my extended family in the things of God while experiencing the supernatural on a regular basis. My first encounter was a dream about my first pastor. The dream was not simple, and the meaning of it was hidden from me for around one year. I went and told my pastor the dream and from that day onwards he publicly humiliated me on a continuous basis until I became withdrawn about my relationship with God. He was later removed from leadership for having an affair with the worship leader! I guess you know the dream I had now!

My next church allowed me to sit back and relax in rather than lead, and it was a great relief since I was in the last year of my degree. However the pastor and his wife disliked me and for no reason whatsoever…well so I thought! They were in love with my family but totally resistant to me. You know things are bad when the pastor and his wife phone your parents and spend time trying to tell them not to help their son in his business ventures; “Your son is using you”. Amit, welcome to leadership!

Let’s fast forward a little…in recent times, I was given the privilege of overseeing 50 churches in Africa, and I led over 200 leaders in a discipleship programme across Africa and the UK. Leadership isn’t all glitter, in fact, it rarely has been for me, and I can relate to some degree how the Apostles were treated by other leaders and elders yet there has been something satisfying about leading for God. I have managed to carve my path in Him and make room for others to become leaders. Good leaders breed followers, and great leaders create better leaders. Wonder what category I will fall into over time?

It isn’t all doom and gloom because I love leadership, and I thank God for the few great examples God has given me. To be honest, I have had very few good influences in my life biblically which has forced me to lean on God’s Word, which is primary for any Christian. I learned to relate to Jesus and His Apostles which has given me a firm foundation as a leader which in turn has allowed me to see the good side of leadership.

Leadership isn’t just about the church; it is about life. We are leaders in the home, amongst friends, in our careers, doing God’s work in whichever capacity chosen and of course church, etc. So never let anyone limit you as a leader and the way you operate in leadership because God never put any limitations on you. I suppose that is why I have created a leadership course; I wanted to break down barriers formed in the Christian tradition and get back to Biblical leadership!

Before you leave this website, take a look at as I have designed a course through all my learning experiences to help people become a great success despite trying circumstances. I feel it will benefit you!